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January 11, 2022 3 min read

Want to have a little fun with your kids but don't have time to get out of the house? Check out this list of 6 cool face paint ideas for your kids. Your children will be able to express their creativity and bring out the artist in them. Whether you want to turn your kid into a unicorn or a tiger, here are 6 easy face paint ideas for the little ones.

6 Cool Face Paint Ideas

For the best face painting results, you can't go wrong with Mosaiz's face makeup kit. Our face paints are high-quality and vibrant, so you're sure to get a flawless application every time. With 12 colors and 30 reusable stencils, no party will be complete without them! The best thing about Mosaiz? Your little one will come up with their own designs and have the most creative time with this product. With that being said, let's get right into it!


Your little boy can let out his prehistoric side with this dinosaur face paint idea. The great thing about this face paint idea is that it can easily be adjusted if you have a little girl who wants to go all Jurassic Park on. The little dinosaur can be the life of any party and can turn the deadest of parties into a wildest one.

The Unicorn

Unicorns are magical creatures that your child will love to be. Create a unicorn face paint by using pink and white face paints. First, make a big circle using the pink paint, then add the white for the horn. The little cheeks, nose, and lips can be made using pink paint. This face paint idea is perfect for little girls. It's a timeless classic that will always be a hit with your little princess. This is also a great idea to throw a unicorn-themed party.

Garden Fairy

There's nothing more whimsical than a garden fairy. Give your child the sparkly green skin of a sprite and decorate it with a few leaves and flowers. You can also give her a pair of wings. This cute face paint design is the most suitable for little girls.

Animal Faces

If you want your child to look like a cute animal, face paint is the perfect way to achieve just that. It is a quick, easy and cheap way to have some fun and make your kid distinct. Face paints, especially the colored ones have a wide variety of animal options. You can have your kid look like a tiger, a wolf, a frog, or a bunny.


This is the easiest paint job to pull off on your kids. Simply grab some food colors and paint your child's face a rainbow. You can draw the line of colors with a fine brush or simply use your smallest paintbrush to paint on the colors on the face. You can use all 12 colors of the paint kit for an explosion of vibrant color!


Koalas are a species of animal that is indigenous to Australia. The koala is not a bear, although it looks like one. The koala is actually a marsupial and is part of the Phylum of Vertebrates and the Order of Marsupials. They are quite adorable and look cute and cuddly. If you have a child who loves animals, try this face paint idea on him/her.

Final Thoughts On 6 Cool Face Paint Ideas For Your Kids

Face paint day with your little ones is an absolute blast, no doubt about it. If you're looking to make the most of your event without breaking the bank, look no further than Mosaiz's face makeup kit. With a long-lasting formula and a wide variety of shapes and colors, your little ones will be ready for a party in no time — and you'll still be balling on a budget.