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March 02, 2022 2 min read

Letter stencils are an excellent tool for DIYers who are looking to add a personal touch to their project. Letter stencils for wood offer a great place to begin when you’re new to the world of stencils. After all, letter stencils are one of the easiest stencils to use. With just a few supplies and some basic stenciling skills, you can have your very own DIY project finished in no time at all.

Mosaiz Letter Stencils for Painting on Wood

Wooden Letter

Mosaiz is a brand of premium, high quality and reusable stencils. You can use them to paint on all kinds of materials, like fabric, wood, glass and more. The stencils are made from a durable PET plastic, making them easy to clean and reusable. They are flexible enough to be used on curved surfaces, yet rigid enough to maintain their shape. Each stencil measures 8 x 5 inches with a range of fonts that feature wide spacing between letters to make it easy to read your completed design.

These 40 reusable letter stencils will be instrumental in bringing your next arts and crafts project to life. The imprinted alphabet letters and numbers are large enough that you can elaborate on designs with ease. The stencils feature a beautiful, striking look -- perfect for vintage-inspired projects, contemporary wall art, or modern crafts.

How to Use Letter Stencils

Using letter stencils is an easy way to make personal touches on any DIY project. You can buy letter stencils at our Amazon store. To use the stencil, tape it in place with painter's tape so that only the design is visible on the wood or surface of your choice. Paint over the designed area with a thin coat of paint. Remove the stencil carefully after the paint has dried so that only the paint remains behind.

Here are 3 DIY projects using letter stencils:


Want an easy project to paint on a wood panel project that you can use as a holiday or birthday decoration, or a child's room decoration with their favorite theme? You might want to check out our DIY projects using letter stencils. Each of our three DIY projects using letter stencils for painting on the wood will be made easy for any do-it-yourselfer.

Welcome Sign

First up, you can use letter stencils to add a custom welcome sign to your front porch. So cute! This will give your house some rustic flair!

Love Sign

Next, make a fun and modern "love" sign that's the perfect addition to any room. It's great if you're newlyweds or want a fun reminder that love is always in style.

Child's Name

Finally, you can make a special sign that features your child's name. It's the ultimate personalized touch for their room, and they'll love it!

Final Thoughts

Mosaiz letter stencils are perfect for crafters and DIYers who love to paint on all kinds of surfaces, and make great, creative wall art for any occasion! This packing includes 40 pieces. The stencil material is sturdy but very flexible and durable. You can use them again and again for years to come.